2007 Designated「Tangible Cultural Property」Beppu Tower


Beppu Tower image

Guide by BEPPU Beppu Santaro

Viewing Platform

A viewing platform with an unbroken view of Beppu's sea and mountains.

A long history as Japan's
third oldest tower, and the
third oldest brother of the
Six Tower Brothers, with
many more years to come!


  • 1F【レストラン・バー】CREOLE CAFE
  • Enjoy drinks, food and music from lunch to midnight at the café restaurant bar
  • 詳しくはこちら
  • おおいた温泉座
  • Within a theme of a hot spring, guests can enjoy “beauty”, “health”, and “food”.
  • 詳しくはこちら
  • 16F【ラウンジ】展望ラウンジCELINE
  • A new sensation karaoke bar where you can sing in a variety of different rooms.
  • 詳しくはこちら
  • 16F【ラウンジ】展望ラウンジCELINE
  • Enjoy drinks with friends or that special someone as you enjoy the spectacular Beppu night sky.
  • 詳しくはこちら

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